How to Fill a Hole in Wood and redrill (3 Best ways)

Wooden furniture is such a material that can be reused confidently even after getting crack, however many people throw it out. Since they don’t know how to fill a hole in wood and redrill, they take it as wastage and plan for re-build rather than repair.

There are a number of ways you can fill a hole in the wood and re-drill for further use. It restores the effectiveness and makes the wood usable once again. Most importantly, it will save your both time and money, since some processes don’t allow you to go shopping!

Our expert team spends hours finding out the most effective and quickest way so that anyone can successfully deal with the problem. In this article, you will have the 3 quickest ways to fill a hole in the wood and re-drill. So let’s hack it!

Types of wood filler to fill a hole in a wood

Verity of wood filler is available out there to decide. All of them are approximately do the same job, the only difference in the assembly time and results. 

Vinyl: To make the task done quickly and have an efficient result, this Vinyl wood filler is an appropriate option. Besides, small quantities can do the job and it dries quickly. 

Gypsum: Gypsum wood filler is mostly used to fill the surface and its need to paint later. 

Cellulose: This cellulose is the most suitable option to repair outdoor furniture and flooring. With the ease of use, this material is durable and available at an affordable price. 

Epoxy: Since epoxy is moisture proof and dries more quickly, it’s a decent option for the outdoor task. After completely being dried it will get ready to drill or nail easily even without leaving any cracks or causing damage. Thus epoxy is the best option for repairing wood in harsh conditions.

Since our goal is to choose to fill a hole in the wood and re-drill, Epoxy Wood Filler will be an all-time winner because of its weather-resistant ability. Apart from these, we will share some best and effective instructions using some best alternatives that can be re-drilled.

3 Quickest ways: how to fill a hole in wood and redrill

First of all, wood holes need to fill by wood filler, glue or wood plugs. Here I mentioned 3 best ways to fill wood holes with instructions. Follow the instructions, you will do the job without damaging any point of wood hole.

#1. Wood Filler:

The wood filter is one of the most common and effective methods of wood hole filling


  1. Firstly, use a scraper to flake hanging paint chips if there any.
    • Then smooth the edges using sandpaper
    • Now take a damp tack cloth to clean the surface
    • Overfill the hole with the filler. Since the dry’s filler shrinks so overfilling will ensure proper filling even after shrinkage
  2. Now spread the filter on the hole. To ensure the filling completely you can use a putty knife and press the wood filter inside the hole. However, it’s not essential to be perfect, but make it as level as you can. 
    • Wait for a while to let the wood filler dry up. Considering the product, the time can vary from half an hour to 8 hours.
    • Once the wood filler dried up, smooth down the area using standard sandpaper. You have to sand it until the filer is got level with the surface.
  3. To ensure a smooth surface apply some filler with your hand. Still, if you find the hole isn’t filled successfully then add more filler and repeat the method. 
    • Look forward to paint the repaired area? Then follow these steps:
  4. Apply primer on the repaired area to have a matching color with the surrounding wood.
  5. Make the job complete by painting or staining the area based on preference.

#2. Sawdust and Glue:

If you are in a hurry and want to fill screw holes in wood for reuse quickly and cheapest way then Mixing sawdust and wood glue will be the most acceptable option. It’s all about making homemade wood filler that saves time and money. Besides, this trick is mostly useful for custom fillers rather than commercial wood fillers. Still, some people use it for commercial wood filler since they don’t want to go to the hardware shop and make their own to finish the task. 


  1. Wear gloves and a practiced mask before start this messy method.
  2. Make your sawdust using sand or other electric sander. But make sure that the sawdust is matched with the wood color that you are going to fill. 
    • Collect this sawdust on a collection bag
    • Now gather this sawdust at the surface and check if there any large particles or not. If you find any large particles or other impurities then remove these. 
    • Now mix this sawdust by slowly adding wood glue to a mixing surface. 
  3. Mix these two materials constantly until they turn into thick putty. Besides, you should not add excess glue which can make the mixture runny that is not acceptable. 
    • Mix it in a short time so it can’t get harden before use
    • Ensure that the mixture can be rolled between fingers. Unfortunately, if the mixture gets harden, then make a new batch and add it to the previous batch.
  4. Now apply the mixture by pushing it in the damaged areas first. You can apply a putty knife to level out the mix with a surface and eliminate the excess of it.
    • Wait for a while so the surface can dry off completely. Once you have done, clean the knife using warm water. Otherwise, it will be very tough to clean.
    • Since it’s harmful moisture and can’t be used later, so it is better to Dispose of the remaining mixture,
  5. Now use sandpaper to sand the hole lightly but don’t make it over-sand.
  6. Finally, use a tack cloth to clean the area. 

#3. Wood Plugs

Wood plugs are another common material that can make or buy from a shop. Especially this method is recommended for large straight holes. 


  • Pick a wood plug with a cut that will be perfectly fit the hole.
  • Then brush the side hole using glue
  • Now set the wood plug into the wood hole. You can use a hammer to ensure a great tight fit.
  • Wait for a while to let the glue dries. Once it dries, cut the extra wood off using a flush-trim saw
  • Lastly, sand the area

Tips for Wood Redrill after filling holes

The product we mention above is the best wood filler that won’t damage while re-drilling. However, the following tips will help you re-drill a hole in the filled area without cracking and successfully screw in that area:

  • Before filling the hole, add some matchsticks or toothpicks. It will provide extra strength to the filling.
  • If you want to fill screw gun holes in wood to re-drill, then make a bigger hole on the affected area. It will make the hole much more uniform that can be filled easily. now fill the hole using a wood plug or wood dowel. 
  • Besides, do you know how to re-drill a hole in wood? Use a wider diameter screw than the previous one, you will be succeeded. 
  • Is it ok to screw into wood filler?
  • Yes, there is nothing wrong screw into the wood filler. Once you screw, sand and pain over it for better protection.

FAQs on How to Fill a Hole in Wood and redrill

How to re-fill a hole in a screw?

Apply wood glue to re fill the hole and then hit in your peg. Wait for hours so it can dry completely. Trim off the excess peg considering the surface. Now it is ready to drill one again. 

What can I use to fill screw holes in wood successfully?

Firstly take a few teaspoons of wood glue and sawdust in a Dixie cup. Mix them till turn into a deep paste. Once you will find it a little crumbly, it is ready for use. Fill the screw hole with the mix using a putty knife. You can make it overfill a bit. 

How to elongate a hole in wood?

Use a sharp twist bit to elongate a hole in the wood. Keep the bit in line with the starter holes to allow the screw to slide easily since the top of the solid wood shrinks and swells.

Can I use a step drill bit on wood?

Usually, Step drills are suitable for cutting plastics and metal. However, you can use it to drill up to four mm and 1.5 mm stainless steel.

Final words

In the end, we have covered this article some easiest and quickest ways to fill a hole in the wood and re-drill with easy tools. All the processes are affordable and don’t need any special skills. Even some of the mentioned processes won’t cost you a penny since you can make the essential on your own. So, follow any of the preferred methods and repair your wooden furniture, but don’t avoid the safety.

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