How to put Air in Tires at a Gas Station

This is normal happening that vehicle tires will lose air gradually. You have to inflate tires at a time. You always go to gas station or petrol pump to refill your car or bike. If you know how to put air in tires at a gas station then you don’t have to pay extra money at commercial garage to put air in tires. Thus we are here to help you out.

Though tire inflation is a common car maintenance job among owners, the reality is most people don’t how to inflate tires at gas station or petrol pump properly. Some cause it to over-inflate, and others make it unflattering while both are unsafe and costly in the long run.

How to use air pump at gas station and put air in tires

Putting air in tires at a gas station is one of the quickest and safe ways as it previously includes the entire essential and also rescues tools. Most importantly it’s a cost-efficient option and you will find a gas station on almost every corner.

In this article, we will discuss every step deeply so the car owner can follow it easily and ensure a properly inflated tire. Plus we will share some key advantages of using a gas station to inflate tires as well as some relevant info. Let’s go!

Simply follow these steps if you don’t know how to put air in car and bike tires at a gas station.

Find the Air Compressor

After reaching the station the initial job is to locate the air compressor. Usually, it is set far from the gas pumps. Looks around the station, you will surely find something written “Air” or “Free air.”

Park the Car nearby the Pump

Once you find it, Park the vehicle close to the air pump. Remember; don’t park the car much far from the pump as it may cause trouble reaching the hose to tires. Besides, turning the car’s engine off isn’t necessary.

Pick up the Spout

Some gas stations may have two or more spout on an air pump, but you should use only one spout. Before using the spout, check its effectiveness.

Insert the Quarters

If the gas station runs through a coin slot system, then insert your quarters. If it doesn’t have, then ask the cashier to turn on the pump manually.

Set the PSI Rating

The pump should have a button to set the PSI rating. Use the button and set the appropriate pressure for the car’s tire. Some air pumps set the PSI automatically as it has a sensor that helps prevent over-inflating the tire.

Remove the Air Valve Cap

Take the air hose in hand and remove the cap from the tire. Keep the air valve cap safely so you don’t lose it. The air valve cap is important as it doesn’t let the air leak while you drive the car. Plus, if the cap is damaged, then replace is which you will find at the gas station.

Moreover, if you don’t know how to check tire pressure at a gas station, pulling the air hose over the tire will deliver you the data.

Put the Air Spout on the Valve

Put the spout a bit powerfully to the air valve so it can fit tightly. Once you have done it, let the airflow to the tire automatically.

Remove the Spout from the Air Valve

Once the tire is filled with enough air, remove the spout from the tire. Even if there is a sensor in this pump, it will start beeping if the tire gets much air. If it happens, immediately remove the spout and use a metal needle to release some air. Finally set the air valve cap back to its place.

Check the Other Tires

Though; you have a problem with one tire, check the other tire if it has insufficient air. It is vital to ensure the same amount of air in both tires to maintain proper balance and stability. If the other tires also need to put air, repeat the same process.

how to check air in tires at gas station

Return the Spout

Once you have completed putting air in the tires, take the spout back to the pump. Get in your car and check the tire pressure indicator as it should turn off.

Advantage of putting air in tires at gas station

You can take the car to the shop to fill the tire with the right pressure but it will cost more time and money. So the owner doesn’t have ample time and doesn’t want to spend much, should go to the gas station. Despite the other reason, one should go to the gas station are:

Air compressor

Though an air compressor for garage is a multifunctional tool needed to fill the air, many car owners don’t have it. So they had to go to the nearest gas station that has an air compressor.


The gas station is practically available at every corner and most of them have an air pump. Moreover, some stations fill the air for free or cost a little penny. In states like California and Connecticut, you can use air pumps without paying any cost. Conversely, in some areas, you may need to buy gas to use the air compressor for free.

Multi usage

The car owner can fill both the pump and tank at one shop. So once you go to the gas station to fill up the tank, check the tire so you can fix the problem immediately.

Crucial Thing about Air Pressure

Many car owners don’t pay enough attention to maintain their car’s tire properly. But the fact is maintaining the right air pressure in the tire can bring many advantages. Such as:

  • It ensures Better tire performance
  • Allow driving safely even under the bad weather condition
  • Keeps the tire more stable and precise steering
  • Improve fuel efficiency

FAQs on How to put air in tires at a gas station

Can I inflate tires at the gas station?

You can easily and quickly inflate your car’s tire at a gas station using an air pump. But keep the tire gauge on your hand to ensure a precise filling.  Inflating the tire with the exact pressure will help you protect the tire against blowouts.

How to check tire pressure at a gas station?

Simply remove the tire’s air valve cap and put the air hose on the tire. Then read the pressure bar to check the PSI level in the tire.

Is inflating tires at the gas station costly?

Many cars owner choose the gas station to inflate the tire as it is cost-efficient. Some stations cost 50 cents to use an air compressor while offer attendant to switch on the machine for free.

Is 40 psi good for tires?

The pressure of a normal tire is between 32~40 psi when they remain cold. So before filling the tire check its pressure and especially you can do it early morning.

Hope you can inflate tires at gas station now

Hopefully, now you know how to put air in tires at the gas station as we have described step by step. However, you should be more careful so you can prevent overinflation and underinflation since both can damage the tire. Another important thing is if you find air trouble in the tire during driving, don’t let it continue. Find out a gas station near you to inflate the tire otherwise, it can cause the whole vehicle performance.

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