How to use a porter cable air compressor

Having a porter cable air compressor in the workshop is a better handy addition. But all the success depends on how properly you can use this air compressor. So, whether you are a hobbyist or professional enthusiast, learning how to use a porter cable air compressor properly is essential.

The Porter-Cable air compressor is portable and comes in a compact design. So it can be carried around easily to handle different types of compressed air tasks. Besides, it has a high-efficiency motor that allows completing the project even in cold weather. But you will only find this device helpful if you can operate it safely and maintain it properly.

Guides to use a porter cable air compressor

Today we will discuss the use process of the Porter-Cable air compressor step by step, so the reader gets a clear understanding. Despite this, the reader will learn some helpful maintenance tips to use this air compressor safely. 

Before using the porter cable air compressor, totally secure the knob by turning it anti-clockwise smoothly. You will get the knob close to the air outlet.

Attach the hose

You can connect the air hose with the compressor in two ways, including a quick connect and a direct outlet port. The method that needs to be applied depends on the configuration of the porter cable compressor. Quick-connect ports are suitable for modern compressors. It also allows adding extra storage if the user desires.

Input Power

Now switch on the compressor by turning the key points downwards. Make sure you have connected the porter cable air compressor to the right circuit, which is 15amp in most cases. Besides, setting up all the connections properly.

Auto Mode

Set the power key to the auto level so it can turn off automatically if the compressor reaches full capacity. It will reduce your effort to finish the method.

Control Pressure

At this stage, you can attach the air tool to the reverse side of the hose. To connect the air tool, hold the compressor knob and turn it clockwise until the air device is installed. The knob generally performs as a type of regulator for the air compressor. Now you can run both the Porter-Cable air compressor and the air device.

Drain Internal Air

If you don’t want to use the air compressor, then you will need to release all the air inside the tank. To do so, turn on thumbscrew of the drain valve anti-clockwise. You will find the drain valve close to the bottom of the compressor tank. The check the increased CFM and air pressure PSI.

How to regulate the Pressure Switch on a Porter Cable Compressor?

Adjusting the pressure switch to get the right pressure is essential for ensuring a precise job. But people often make mistakes by applying the error method or trialing the pressure switch can deteriorate the switch. So let’s learn the right process for adjusting the pressure switch of a porter cable air compressor:

You will find two springs under the pressure switch. Between these two springs, the right side spring is a cutout switch and the left side is a cut in the switch. To enhance the pressure, tighten the spring and loosen it to reduce the pressure. It is better to use a screw for tightening and loosening work. Despite this, turning the spring clockwise will increase the pressure, and turning reverse will decrease it. Make sure you have closed the drain valve and started the compressor before adjusting the pressure.

A few safety tips to remember while using a porter cable air compressor

safety tips using a porter cable air compressor

Reading a certain air compressor’s safety instructions is quite important. You can operate most of the porter cable air compressors by following the above-mentioned instructions. But some models may come with a different configuration. So, reading the user manual before operating the air compressor will lower the risk and prevent an accidental situation.

Connect the hose and compressor securely

Make the connection between the air compressor and the hose completely waterproof if you don’t use a fast coupler. Use a socket wrench and pluming tape to keep the tool tightly in place and seal the join completely and securely.

Wear protective gear

You should handle a heavy-duty device like an air compressor with better care. The compressor can cause exploration at extreme velocity. So wear protective goggles before using the air compressor to keep your eyes safe from flying debris. A protective glove will also keep your hands safe. Besides, don’t wear loose clothes while operating an air compressor as they can be tangled and cause injury.

Apart from this, keep the working area clean and airy at all times. Don’t hang any cables inside the workshop and don’t use the porter cable compressor outdoors if the manufacturer doesn’t allow it.

Prevent the compressor from getting rusty

If the air compressor causes rust, it can cause dangerous situations. Rust can weaken the cylinder and lead to it bursting. Before storing the air compressor, make it damp and dust-free. If you need to reuse the compressor, check for corrosion and rust and remove it if there is any. Luckily, the porter cable air compressor design with non-corrosive materials lowers the maintenance job.

Always Decompress

Once completed, remove the power source and release all the compressed air inside the tank. Storing a compressed air full tank can weaken the compressor and damage it.

Maintenance service

Clean the fitting and pipe before sealing for better performance. Routinely check the air compressor to boost its longevity and allow repair before causing serious damage.

Why is the Porter-Cable air compressor so popular?

Surprisingly, Porter-Cable is the younger air compressor brand available on the market that was founded in 1906. The company was established after many years of plenty of famous brands. But within a hundred years, this company has gained vast popularity due to its reliable services. The air compressor porter cable offer is both appropriate for industrial and home use.

Besides, they offer plenty of advantages compared to other brands within budget. From quality design, satisfying customer service, and durable construction, this porter brand produces quality products. Not only that, porter cable air compressors are easier and safer to use and offer years of service, making them a popular choice among users across the world.

FAQs on How to use a porter cable air compressor

How many times need to fill a Porter Cable air compressor?

Design with a powerful motor, porter cable air compressor can ensure quicker service. So, whether it is filling up the tank or producing compressed air, porter cable gets the job done within minutes. This Porter-Cable air compressor will only take about 4 minutes to fill the tank. 

What is the use of the Porter-Cable air compressor?

A Porter-Cable air compressor is a handy tool that can be used to drive plenty of households and building air tools. You can use this air compressor to drive a nail gun and a spray-painting tool. Despite this, the compressor is compatible with plenty of pneumatic tools, including an impact wrench and drill.

Is Porter Cable a good brand?

Recently, the Porter-Cable brand has become one of the most popular brands in the air compressor industry. The air compressor from the brand is a reliable option for in-home use and professional level. The brand offers its products at a decent price while maintaining tough construction and a user-friendly design. 

Final words

Whether you have a porter cable air compressor or are planning to purchase a new one, learning the use process is a must needed. If you know how to use a porter cable air compressor, operating the tools for the desired task won’t be a big issue.

More importantly, the process we have mentioned will boost your confidence and lead you through the right way to drive this risky tool. Besides, keep those safety tips in mind so you can enjoy safer productivity without causing any damage.

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