Husky Vs Kobalt Air Compressor Review

Husky and Kobalt are both well-known makers of the most acceptable air compressors. Even the brands are extremely strict about the quality of their air compressors. Thus, it is tricky to make the final call to buy husky or kobalt air compressor. But a Husky vs Kobalt air compressor debate guide can help you choose one of them by comparing the two.

Naturally, the air compressor from the brands has some strong zones as well as quick points. Not only that, the air compressors that they produce aren’t equal in durability, design, and performance, though they have some similarities as well.

Following the guide, we will compare possibly all the features and factors between these two Husky and Kobalt brands. The air is to help you decide the best air compressor based on deep analysis.

History of the Husky vs Kobalt Air Compressor Brands

Both Kobalt and Husky are private companies that manufacture for Lowe’s (Kobalt) and Home Depot (Husky) respectively. Both brands produce a wide range of craftsman line tools.

The Husky brand was situated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1924, and the initial product was impact wrenches. The brand’s ownership has changed several times, and Stanley Black & Decker is the most recent brand to bring it back and begin producing tools for Home Depot in 1992.

Nowadays, Husky manufactures different types of hand tools, pneumatic tools, and tool storage, including an air compressor, screwdriver, sockets, and more.

Conversely, Kobalt is a much more recent brand compared to Husky. Lowe’s brought this brand in 1998 and started manufacturing hand tools for their stores. The brand grew extensively in 2011 and has recently produced lithium-ion battery-powered hand tools. Kobalt also manufactures plenty of different types of mechanics and hand tools, including power tools, pneumatic tools, and other outdoor tools.

Husky vs Kobalt Air Compressors

Though Husky and Kobalt are different brands, the air compressors that they produce have some undeniable similarities that make them efficient and dependable. Firstly, the air compressors from both brands come with two-stage air compression systems. Plus, they offer lubricated and oil air compressors with a vertical design. Both manufacturers produce an electrically operated air compressor that requires up to 230 volts.

The advantages of a Husky Air Compressor

Husky is a well-renowned brand that manufactures dependable, high-quality, and vertical design air compressors. Their air compressors are extremely powerful and offer a lifetime warranty. An impressive advantage that the husky brand offers is that it conveniently replaces an opportunity. The air compressor from the brand can be used for both home and commercial purposes.

The customers’ feedback is also satisfactory. However, the tools from the brand face some technical issues, but they are minor compared to other brands. Despite the fact, the Husky air compressor is confirmed to be sturdier and enduring than the Kobalt.

Unlike other compressors, the husky air compressor doesn’t cause oil leakage. Its pump is high quality and works incredibly well. The air compressor doesn’t produce a loud noise even when operating harshly. Due to their considerably quiet operation, husky air compressors are ideal for home use.

The Husky air compressor comes in both portable and non-portable designs that are extremely easy to use, carry, and store. Some air compressors from the brand offer oil lubrication-free operation while the price is worthwhile for the exceptional features. Above all, the customer service of the brand is fairly accessible and supportive.

The advantages of a Kobalt air compressor 

Kobalt air compressors are usually more flexible and operated by electric motors. The performance of air compressors from the brands varies between 1.5 and 5 HP. More suitable for the home and a small garage, Kobalt air compressors are a reliable option for light usage.

Probably the best feature of their air compressor is creating quiet operation. Not only are those, Kobalt air compressors relatively more affordable than husky air compressors. For a certain period, the Kobalt air compressor also offers reliable service. Kobalt offers a variety type of air compressors, including couplers, electrical and standard, allowing the customer to select the best one for their needs.

Despite being portable and nonportable, Kobalt also offers vertical, horizontal, twin shapes, and a hotdog style air compressor. You can choose between an oil-lubricated and an oil-free air compressor from the Kobalt brand.

The downsides Of a Husky Air Compressor 

While considering a husky brand for an air compressor, you must remember that it would be quite noisy. Also, you will need a heavy-duty individual circuit to properly operate such a big, husky air compressor. To be honest, some air compressors from the Husky brand aren’t as durable as other models. Don’t expect the uniformly same build quality across all the compressors.

Some users complained that the valve of the husky compressor broke after some working time. You can’t run the Husky air compressor continuously without taking breaks. Using an air compressor continuously can cause motor failure, following the reports of some users.

The downsides Of a Kobalt Air Compressor 

Kobalt doesn’t take any responsibility for repairing the air compressor that they produce. They don’t have any enthusiastic teams to serve the Chestermere if the air compressor causes any issues. Also, Kobalt doesn’t manufacture large air compressors for bigger workstations and can’t endure for a long time under extreme pressure.

Some users report that the build quality of the Kobalt air compressor is cheap. Their air compressor broke down after using it for some years. Finally, the Kobalt brand doesn’t offer any replacement guarantee for their air compressor.

Which is the best: Husky vs Kobalt air compressor?

Both the brands offer quality air compressors, but Husky is the more reliable and high-end choice. Many commercial workstations and garages suggest relying on husky. The reason is that Husky offers a highly reliable and practical design in its air compressor. With a husky air compressor, you will assure powerful performance with a lifetime warranty. The brand allows its customers to replace old husky tools conveniently.

The air compressor produced by Husky is definitely durable, long-lasting, and dependable, though it brings a few technical difficulties.

Conversely, Kobalt air compressors are ensured quiet operation but don’t offer much working time with quality performance. They don’t offer dependable customer service and don’t take responsibility for the repair of their tools. The running time of the Kobalt air compressor is lower and the construction is maintained at a comparatively cheap quality. Kobalt air compressors certainly don’t last long compared to husky ones.

So, comparing these two brands, the Husky certainly offers a high-notch air compressor. Most of the husky air compressors are designed with oil-free pumps and require less maintenance. Plus, these are highly portable, and reliable. Finally, husky air compressors are appropriate for both heavy-duty commercial tasks as well as home use.

Husky Air Compressor

Husky Air Compressor

Husky: 20 Gallon Portable Air Compressor

  • This Husky air compressor has a 20-gallon and max 200 PSI capacity to handle any heavy-duty air tool for a longer time.
  • It can produce 4.0 SCFM at 90 PSI, making the unit suitable to operate any type of air tool.
  • Design with oil-free pump and rugged rubber wheels for easy portability and less maintenance.
  • The compressor comes in a vertical design to save space.
  • This durable air compressor has two quick-connect couplers to allow the operation of two air tools for increased productivity.

The Husky 20 Gallon Portable Air Compressor is an industry-leading, high-performing air compressor. It offers 4.0 SCFM at 90 PSI, making the compressor compatible with most heavy-duty air tools. The compressor has a max of 200 PSI with a 20-gallon large tank. Combine these feature the compressor offer 35% longer air tool run time, resulting in ideal for any garage and industrial scenarios. Another important feature is the 81 dB noise level, which makes the compressor 57 percent quieter than any 20-gallon air compressor.

It comes with a vertical design and rugged rubber wheels. It’s a space-saving and portable air compressor for easier maneuvering.  However, the compressor is more than 100 pounds and includes 400 ft. of extension cord, which is more than enough for any job station for handling any type of compressed air project.

Kobalt Air Compressor

Kobalt Air Compressor

Kobalt Quiet 4.3-Gallon Air Compressor

  • This Kobalt air compressor has a 4.3-gallon tank with a 1 HP motor to offer a max of 150 PSI for a range of compressed air operations.
  • The compressor produces 2.4 SCFM at 90 PSI, suitable for running finish nailers, staple nailers, and framing nailers.
  • It has two oil-free pumps and produces less noise to ensure quieter operation with less maintenance.
  • Designed with a regulator and a one-hand push quick-coupler to ensure easier and quicker operation.
  • It’s a lightweight air compressor that includes a sliding handle and rubber wheels to offer improved mobility around the workstation and the home garage.

This Kobalt Quiet 4.3-Gallon Air Compressor is one of the best quiet air compressors. With a combination of a larger tank and the lowest noise, this Kobalt air compressor is suitable for operating air tools quietly for a longer time. It’s a lightweight air compressor that has a wheeled frame with a rubber handle that makes it very portable for carrying, use, and storage. 

The compressor is designed with a 1 HP motor and 150 max PSI but produces 2.4 SCFM at 90 PSI. Still, this Kobalt compressor is capable of running brad and staple nail guns and framing nail guns. Apart from these, this compressor features two oil-free pumps and tank gauges for easier maintenance and checking the tank pressure for precise operation. The drawback of this Kobalt air compressor is that it can overheat quickly and the tools are only suitable for light duty compressed air projects.

FAQs on Husky Vs Kobalt Air Compressor

Is the Husky air compressor worth its value?

Of course, a husky air compressor is worthwhile in terms of dependability and price. Even husky is a good alternative to the Dewalt and Campbell brands, considering the budget. The majority of the customers mark the Husky air compressor as reliable, easy to use, and happy with the home depot’s customer service.

Who manufactures Husky air compressors?

Husky was introduced by Home Depot a few decades ago, and Campbell Hausfeld manufactures an air compressor for the brands. Compressor pumps are also made in the USA.

Do Husky air compressors need oil?

If you are using an oil-lubricated husky air compressor, then you will need to put oil in regular intervals. You can check the manufacturer’s recommendation to learn which type of oil is ideal for a husky air compressor. Usually, heavy-duty SAE 30W compressor oil is compatible with a husky air compressor, but make sure it is non-detergent. But don’t apply multi-weight automotive engine oils as they can damage the air compressor.

Where are Kobalt air compressors made?

Many different air compressor brands manufacture air compressors for the Lowes store chain and, later, they supply the air compressors to Kobalt. Thus, it isn’t guaranteed that all the Kobalt air compressors are made in the USA.

Hope you got Husky Vs Kobalt Air Compressor’s actual Comparison

In this Husky vs Kobalt air compressor debating guide, we have summarized almost all the information about their air compressors. From the brand’s history, we have highlighted what they have included in their air compressor, how they perform, and some user feedback.

Lastly, we have reviewed two best-selling air compressors from the brands so you can decide to check their best air compressor. Hopefully, the guide is enough for you to choose between Husky and Kobalt to upgrade your toolbox with an air compressor.

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