Makita Mac2400 Vs Mac5200 Air Compressor Review

Makita Mac2400 Vs Mac5200, which one should you choose? Makita is the Japanese Company contributed to the high quality of air compressors. Makita mac2400 vs mac5200 air compressor are two of air compressors that you should have one. Because better equipments always give better service.

Since these two tools models are from the same company. The price of Makita Mac2400 is little bit cheaper than the Makita Mac5200. But it doesn’t mean that you will be confused to identify the right one. Makita Mac5200 has quite a few mismatches with the Makita Mac2400 in terms of features, durability, noise, etc. Our review will help you in removing all your confusion to be a secured buyer. So, let us help you to figure out the best one for you!

Makita Mac2400 Vs Mac5200 Air Compressor Comparison and Buying Guide

Do you want an air compressor for your small task job purpose? Makita’s Mac 2400 air compressor will then fulfill your needs for sure. Once you buy this tool, it will provide you a flexible service for years. MAC2400 will deliver more power with improved durability in any challenging condition. Let’s jump on to know more attributes of this fantastic tool.

Makita MAC2400

Makita Mac 2400 Air Compressor

  • The air compressor has an oil-lubricated tank.
  • There’s a solid air pressure regulator in it.
  • It features a discharge tube for cooling heat.
  • Mac2400 can manage 130 PSI operating pressure.

Makita Mac2400 air compressor has a unique design with a pump cylinder and piston. If you want to get your tool for small and outside functions, it will give you effectiveness. It is the best suit for exterior work, which will provide you with the highest safety.

This air compressor is ready to take additional protection and features like oil sight glass, oil drain, etc. Mac2400 has commonly an excellent reputation that will make it tough to get a user with dissatisfaction. Once you use this tool, you can have an incredible experience with it.

This tool has a 1-year warranty to have a free-of-cost repair if you find any defect. Also, it offers a 30-day instant return policy in case of any sober fault. But, the Mac2400 comes on the market after having a lot of experimental tasting from the manufacturers. So, there’s no way to get any of its parts with defects of any kind.

However, if you’re a new user of mac2400, we suggest you read the manufacturer’s guide properly before buying and using it.

  • Mac2400 can avoid rusting and offer high efficiency through its four-pool motor. Also, it is inexpensive to afford for all levels of users.

  • We found this tool is pretty heavy that can make it inconvenient while carrying it to your job site. But, still, it is worthy.

Makita Mac5200

Makita Mac5200 Air Compressor

  • Mac5200 has rocky wheels for super portability.
  • You will get this model with versatile designs.
  • This tool has outstanding store air fittings.
  • It has a 3.0HP Big Bore pump.

If you need an ample power supply, you are probably looking for Makita mac5200. It has a big bore cylinder to make sure a quick recovery time for high performance. Makita mac5200 is well capable of offering increased productivity in terms of its powerful motor with 3.0HP. And its engine can produce around 6.5 CFM at 90 PSI to ensure a standard output.

It has got a cast iron construction which is the promise to increase your machine’s durability. If you keep continuing challenging employment that can be harmful to your tool, mac5200 will work outstanding there too. When it comes to efficiency, this tool has an automotive filter to get high efficiency.

Mac2400 is pretty popular among professionals as well as newcomers. The professionals find it fit for industrial uses while the newcomers discover it robust for everyday maintenance issues. You must be concerned about the tool maintenance hazard. If you find it tough to maintain your tool regularly, you will be a big fan of mac5200.

Dealing with two nailers through its 5.2-gallon large size tank is pretty effortless with mac2400. Makita mac5200, however, will offer you a roll case construction so that you can maintain extra protection for its motor and pump. Besides, the unique system of this tool with a lubricated pump is readily available to dissolve heat efficiently. Makita mac5200 air compressor can grip any of your big loads with ease that you will find unforgettable.

  • You can choose this excellent air compressor for both home and also commercial uses. Also, it will support you to deal with your auto paint job with a smooth look.

  • Mac5200 is highly suitable for professional uses. Also, it is pretty uncomfortable to fit with a 4.5 SCFM paint gun.

Makita Mac2400 Vs Mac5200 Comparison Points

  • Maintenance
  • Noise Level
  • Purpose of Using
  • Performance
  • Portability
  • Cost

Generally, the Makita brand is popular and reputed among the users for its high-quality products supplies. So, indeed, these two models are the best air compressors from the same brand Makita are quality products.

This section of our article will compare these two top-rated tools Makita mac2400 vs. mac5200. Here, we have researched the key differences between these two versatile air compressors. And, it will help you make your choice easily-


There’s always a certain period for all of the Makita’s air compressors which takes no maintenance. And, after that period, you might need a little bit. However, the mac2400 and mac5200 differ in their care in some specific areas.

Makita Mac2400

Talking about the mac2400 will provide you a long-lasting life span through its engine pump. Its engine pump is lubricated, which keeps a better performance in its heat collection every time.

Although the mac2400 will give you a powerful lubricated engine pump, it often requires maintenance. But the tool’s modifications will depend on the working environment and the hours of operation.

And, if the compressor’s unit gets dirty, it means you need a frequent check for the tool’s maintenance. If you want to get outstanding performance and long-lasting durability, you have to maintain some maintenance rules in the case of mac2400. To avoid frequent maintenance, follow the given rules below-

  • Keep checking the unexpected noise
  • Inspect and repair the leak airlines
  • Drain water from the tank.

Makita Mac5200

Mac5200, on the other hand, will also offer you an excellent engine pump like Mac2400. But, it can amaze you that the mac5200 requires maintenance barely means it won’t need time-to-time care like mac2400. It is because this tool carries a lubricated pump with a copper tube for discharge.

It has some bandwidth for its fittings and storage that achieved the prime substances for its stirring. Therefore, while you move it according to your necessity, it won’t require any unexpected maintenance as it is already fit.

Mac5200 does an impressive duty in the case of its maintenance, especially for new users. If you’re new, it won’t bring you any maintenance disaster. So, trust your gut in terms of maintenance. This tool will be fantastic and won’t let you down.

Noise Level

Suppose you have invested in buying a high-quality tool and the tool you’ve bought is a quality machine. But, if you find your machine with a high noise level, it means your machine is a bit defective. So, let’s see which machine produce how much noise between mac2400 and mac5200.

Makita Mac2400

The noise level will be up to 79dB when operating this tool because of its pump function. Its pump works at 1730 RPM, which will decrease your work noise level to keep your working environment quiet.

Therefore, the noise level will not drop out of your tolerable sound range. And, its high RPM is the assurance of the tool’s engine durability. So, you can impulsively use this tool around people/institutions to a reasonable extent.

Makita Mac5200

We cannot say the 90dB is relatively high for a tool’s noise level. But 90dB of mac5200 is comparatively louder than mac2400. While you require a noise-free working environment, you might get this a bit disturbing. You must use your ear protection while using this tool.

However, we researched the Makita Mac2400 is pretty popular than Mac5200 in terms of their noise level.

Purpose of Tool Application

While you buy your air compressors, you must buy them for a particular purpose. In this case, mac2400 and mac5200 will also vary in their sense of applications-

Makita Mac2400

The majority of the consumers find it suitable to use mac2400 for their home using purposes. It is a perfect match for accomplishing your small carpentry job with mac2400. If you don’t need your air compressor every day, you can focus on this tool.

Makita Mac5200

Mac5200, on the other hand, is highly preferable for commercial purposes. This tool is the choice for all professionals. If you’re a professional, you can choose this mac5200 for a better outcome than mc2400.


Both the mac2400 and mac5200 are highly capable with their faster recovery time in the means of performance. But, still, these two tools differ in their performance-

Makita Mac2400

The mac2400 contains a 4.8CFM and 4.2CFM at 40 PSI and 90 PSI, respectively. And, it will not be able to push much air to make a significant performance for the giant project. Besides, with its lower CFM, it won’t be capable of working for two air guzzlers at a time.

So, if you want to run two air guzzlers at a time, you have to go for mac5200. Conversely, according to its performance, this tool will be perfect for small jobs for homeowners or weekend makers.

Makita Mac5200

The mac5200 contains a bigger CFM if you compare it to the mac2400 air compressor. Makita Mac5200 has CFM 6.9 and 6.5 AT 40 PSI and 90 PSI, respectively. So, the mac5200 CFM can push and manage comparatively much air than the mac2400.

What’s more, this model is perfect for a more extensive range of carpentry applications through its 6.5 and 6.9 CFM. It will allow you to operate two different materials as well as fishing nailers at the same time.

 So, you will be able to sink the entire magazine of nails having no buffering. At this point, it is clear that dealing with a big project with mac5200 is much easier than mac2400.


We know that whether the weight is less or more of your tool is a critical factor. So, here also in terms of weight or portability, you will get a slight difference between mac2400 and mac5200.

Makita Mac2400

Makita mac2400 has a weight of around 80.8 pounds, which is much heavier than mac5200. In case of portability, the mac2400 will be a bit less comfortable through its 80 pounds weight. But it’s not that heavy that you cannot carry, but it is not that lighter than mac5200, that’s it.

Makita Mac5200

Makita mac5200, by the way, is well transportable with its 75 pounds weight than mac2400. Besides, due to its lightweight, it will put forward a high HP to ensure high performance. So, you will get both portability as well as high performance in this tool.

Nonetheless, it came with a rough steel outer body cover, including a foldable handle. Therefore, the mac5200 can make an effective combination of its elastic grasp and its 8″ tires. And, that combination makes it simple for transporting from one place to another.

Cost of these Air Compressor

Both the mac2400 and mac5200 differ in the case of their cost too. You cannot purchase these two models at the same price level due to their same brand.

Makita Mac2400

While it focuses on the cost of mac2400, you will find it a bit cheaper than the mac 5200. The mac2400 will cost you 310 dollars. And, to get quality too, this amount is not that high.

Makita Mac5200

But, in terms of the Mac5200, you have to count approximately 370 dollars to buy it. This tool is a bit expensive, but it will offer you excellent performance for both small and big projects. However, we highly recommend you buy a mac5200 if you need it for professional use.

So, here are all the key factors that you can consider to make a quick distinction between these two machine models. We have taken all the essential elements that are the basic demands to evaluate the quality of a tool. So, based on the discrimination of our review, you can effortlessly choose your desired tool.

FAQs on Makita Mac2400 Vs Mac5200 Air Compressor

What is the best Makita air compressor?

Many variables should focus on before searching out the top product. Here, considering the quality, sizes, brands, and designs, we found the Makita MAC2400 Air Compressor is on the top rank. Also, the Makita AC001 Compact Air Compressor, Makita MAC700, and Matika Mac5200 big bore air compressor are on top at present.

What is a big bore air compressor?

Compressors that come with a Big Bore piston are generally called Big Bore air compressors. Big Bore air compressors come with a Big Bore piston and heavy-duty crankshaft along with a cast iron pump.
Therefore, a big bore compressor can deliver you more power than a stroke compressor. And, a big bore air compressor will make sure a faster recovery time. Also, its higher CFM will allow you to have professional fastening and nailing.

What is the best portable air compressor?

A portable air compressor means the ability to power up your tool. To get the maximum result on portability, you can try any of the following air compressors. Let see what these air compressors are-
Makita Mac5200
Makita 4.2
RIDGID Pancake Air Compressor
Stanley J5C09
These powerful air compressors run through, producing air pressure in terms of chamber and piston. Therefore, these are readily available to bring you the best outcome.

Where is the Makita air compressor made?

There is no specific information on where the Makita air compressor gets its manufacturing procedures. But it is guessed that Matika is in the USA. The Makita Company is located in La Mirada, California, the USA, in the present era. And it maintains its extensive network throughout the whole US.
On the other hand, Makita is mainly a Japanese company that was founded in 1915. It was the first Electric Motor Sales and Repair Company in Japan at that time.

What is the quietest air compressor?

You have to focus on the types of air compressors whether you want a high/low noise tool. For instance, single-piston model, duel- piston, rotary screw air compressor, etc. Among all of them, a duel piston or duplex air compressor will give you relatively less noise. Let us share the three quietest air compressors on the market-
California Air Tools
California Air Tools 8010
California Air Tools 15020C

Final Thought of Makita Mac2400 Vs Mac5200 Air Compre

Choosing any one air compressor between Makita mac2400 vs. mac5200 is undoubtedly a tough job. Both the Makita mac5200 and Makita mac2400 are great tools of the Matika Brand. To fix your problems quickly and efficiently, you can focus on their power and uniqueness.

Conversely, depending on your need for certain features, you can decide your tool between mac2400 vs. mac5200. And, it won’t make you any wrong decision because both of these tools are of top quality. It can be a guarantee from our side. So, you’ve all your liberty to identify the differences and get the best one out.

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