How to refill Co2 tank with Air Compressor

You can refill the co2 tank at home using your air compressor. But if you have an air compressor and planning to do it yourself, you must follow some procedures. Learning how to refill co2 tank with air compressor properly is the key where safety is the main concern.

Owning an air compressor means you can take care of a variety of tasks, like refilling the Co2 tank. But the co2 tank isn’t the ordinary home improvement tool that you can refill as desired. Taking a wrong step or doing something carelessly can cause serious damage. Thus, applying the proper steps is crucial.

Guides to refill a co2 tank with an air compressor

An air compressor is a device that can be used for both fillings and emptying a co2 tank. People who have a co2 tank only know how much it irritates them to carry the co2 tank for refilling regularly and spend money. But if you have an air compressor, simply follow these easy and quick steps to fill your co2 tank without any cost and hassle.

CO2 tank filling equipment:

  • Air compressor
  • Co2 tank
  • Tank fitting
  • Stopwatch

Check Its Integrity

Every co2 tank should have a date stating that refers to the last time of hydro-testing. In most situations, the authoritarian state says that you must test the co2 tank every five years. But if the tank is smaller, it doesn’t need to be tested after the first time. Check the date on the cylinder and determine for yourself or ask someone experienced whether you need to test it or not.

The date seems like 08C18 where the first two letters specify the month and the last two signify years. The middle later refers to the agency that approved the inspection. If you find the date falls under 5 years, then you are allowed to refill it without inspection. Otherwise, you will have to inspect it first and then refill the co2 tank.

Find out the PSI Rating

Before refilling the co2 tank, make sure you know its PSI rating. You will find the PSI rating in either the product user manual or on the tank. Learning the PSI will help you refill safely and prevent overfilling. Usually, under-filling the co2 tank is safer than overfilling. If your tank is completely oil and dry free, then you can fill it up to its ability. But, if you aren’t sure about its oil and dryness, then under fill it for safety.

Find the right fit

Once the co2 tank is ready for refilling and you know the exact PSI, focus on finding the suitable fit for the tank. Take the air compressor hose that fits properly into the co2 tank so you can have better control during operation. Now attach both the fittings to the co2 and the compressor hose. Then screw the other end tightly into the co2 tank.

Fit Co2 tank with Air Compressor Correctly

Some air compressors and co2 tanks come with different fittings to prevent you from mixing the wrong gas with the desired one. If you have such a tank, then use an adapter to attach the co2 tank to the air compressor tank.

Drain the co2 tank

There is a bleed valve on the top of the fitting which you will have to unscrew. Doing so will release all the existing air in the tank. But don’t forget to close the bleed valve before starting the air compressor to refill the co2 tank. Once the tank is completely empty, you are ready to refill it with better precision.

  • Start refilling the co2 tank
  • This step has to be finished in two stages.
  • Determining Size and Time:

Before powering on the compressor, measure the size of the co2 tank and the required time for refilling it. The reason is that it will not only ensure you the amount of required air for the tank but also prevent overfilling and causing damage to the co2 tank.

The process is to find out the tank size and double it up. The result is the required time to refill the tank. In other words, you have to run the best air compressor for this time.

For example, if you have a 30-ounce size co2 tank, you have to run the compressor for 60 seconds. To count these seconds accurately, you will need a stopwatch.

Turning on the Air Compressor:

Now start the air compressor and carefully watch the seconds. Ensuring proper accuracy by monitoring the time precisely is vital. The reason is that overfilling can be risky and can cause serious damage.

Finish the job

After refilling the co2 tank with an air compressor at the correct time, it’s time to power it off. But don’t make it in a hurry as you will have to open the valve and offer it a few seconds. At this time, it will clear the line and prevent any build-up. After waiting for a few seconds, you can safely disconnect the co2 tank from the compressor. Now you have got a refilled co2 tank, even saving money with minimal effort. So you are ready to use the co2 tank for further use.

A few Safety Tips to refill Co2 tank with Air Compressor

Co2 tanks and air compressors aren’t ordinary house tools or normal pumps. Thus, they need special care and safety procedures to prevent any issues. Here are some key safety instructions:

  • You should only handle these tools when you are completely aware. Don’t go for the operation if you are tired and struggling with influence.
  • Completely focus on the refilling process and carefully handle both the co2 tank and air compressor.
  • Before starting the process, check the co2 tank if there is any leakage since it can be dangerous.
  • Make sure you have removed all the flammable materials to prevent any fires or explosions.

Having an air compressor is beneficial in many ways, and refilling a co2 tank is another example of it. But it doesn’t mean you can refill carelessly. While professionals are aware of the safety procedures very well, as a beginner you have to remember them more importantly. When it comes to working with a co2 tank and the refilling process, a mistake can cause an explosion in the tank. Not only that, it can injure both you and the people around you. So, execute all the steps carefully to ensure a safer refilling operation.

CO2 tanks Vs. Nitrogen tanks Vs. Compressed Air tanks (HPA)

These three types of compressors are mostly available and have unique purposes. But these have some similarities as well. Let’s have a basic knowledge of these three types of competitors:

CO2 tanks: you can fill this tank with two options, including gaseous CO2 or liquid CO2. Whatever option you choose to refill the co2 tank, it will revert to a gaseous form.

Nitrogen tanks: this tank is greatly different from the co2 tank or HPA tank. Besides, you can only refill this tank with liquid nitrogen.

Compressed air tanks: This type of tank is also known as an HPA (High-Pressure Air) tank. A compressed air tank can only be filled with pure oxygen. There are two kinds of HPA tanks, including unfiltered air tanks and highly filtered air tanks.  Filtered air tanks are commonly used with breathing gear and SCUBA tanks. Apart from these, it’s a great alternative to CO2 tanks.

FAQs on How to refill Co2 tank with Air Compressor

Is it better to use compressed air than CO2 for paintball?

The key benefit of compressed air is its consistency. More consistent pressure ensures better and more consistent performance. Besides, compressed air isn’t affected by temperature compared to co2 masking, so it is suitable for an electric gun in cold weather. Some paintball fields help refill with compressed air to get charge.

Where to fill up Co2 bottles?

The refilling point for co2 bottles is commonly available. You can refill the co2 tank at any local welding supply stores and local home-brew shops. Besides, the shop that fills fire extinguishers or sells paintball guns also refills co2 bottlers.

Can I shoot a paintball gun without CO2?

You will need either compressed air or CO2 to shoot a paintball gun. So, whether it is electro-pneumatically or mechanically operated, you will need co2 to shoot the paintball gun.

Refill Co2 tank with Air Compressor Correctly

Whether it is shooting a paintball gun or other commercial use, the co2 tank is a busy customer. So it requires refilling regularly. So, having an air compressor and learning how to refill a co2 tank with an air compressor can be a lifesaver.

It will not only save time and energy carrying the co2 tank to the filling point but also save extra bucks. But the operator needs patients and complete focus on the process for safety concerns. Finally, if you have to use a high-pressure air compressor for refilling the Co2 cartridge

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