What is a Self Centering Drill Bit?

If you want to enjoy accurate and equal holes every time without the hassle of centering and depth adjustment, a self-centering drill bit is your way to go option. But you have to learn first what is a self centering drill bit, how it works, and how to use it in order to enjoy those benefits.

So if you are thirsty to learn about self-centering drill bit, keep reading this research. Following the guide, we deeply discussed the self-centering drill bit, its working process, using the method, and its working field. So, let’s drill it!

What is a Self Centering Drill Bit Used for?

Likewise the name tag, a self-centering drill bit centers automatically once placed in a tampered hole like a hinge as it has a tapered nose. A self-centering bit is superb for having a straight and aligned hole at the appropriate depth. It is also known as the Vix bit, a self-centering drill bit is a useful tool for installing drawer slides, door hinges, handles, and more. This specially designed drill bit offers a faster operation while keeping everything perfectly aligned.

A self-centering drill bit is ideal for having a stress-free operation as it avoids guesswork and keeps the DIYer confident about completing the perfect and precise task.  But it needs to ensure an equal amount of pressure for all the holes that you will create. Apart from this, a self-centering bit will do the rest of the task.

How does a Self Centering Drill Bit work?

Self-centered drill bits are extremely easy to identify and use. It is need to insert the tapered end of the power tool into the tapered hole like the hinges of a door and start drilling. The bit is automatically placed into the center and once it reaches the right depth, it stops drilling. The function is considered as a depth-stop. After completing the task, you will have a hole where you need to insert screws. Once inserted the screw, you have to secure it firmly to finish the project.

A self-centering drill bit makes the screwing task effortless and keeps everything aligned perfectly. Using a self-centering bit also keeps the surface safe as it prevents over drilling. This particular drill bit avoids guesswork and ensures precise operation.

But the vital consideration is the amount of force that requires to be applied. You have to ensure an equal amount of pressure for all the holes to get the same depth.

Reason to Use a Self-Centering Drill Bit

A self-centring drill bit that is also known as a Vix bit, is useful for a variety of projects since it greatly prevents guesswork and ensures accurate operation. DIYers don’t have to worry about perfect centring or misalignment when using this self-centring drill bit.

Apart from these, the self-centring drill bit avoids the worry of drilling too deep and damaging the workpiece. This specially designed drill bit does all those jobs for the operator and allows them to finish the project quickly and precisely. So for the easier and quicker opportunity of inserting the screw into the right place, the Vix bit is a reliable option among professional enthusiasts.

Even the self-centering drill bit is quite user-friendly. So if you don’t have previous experience of using this Vix bit, you can still properly use it by simply understanding the bit and practicing on drill bit. The main thing is to consider is that you will require a reliable hand to apply equal pressure every time. Another important consideration is you have to be aware of the relationship between hands and fingers while using this drill bit.

Usage of Self-Centering Drill Bit

The working range of a self centering drill bit is huge. This drill bit is frequently used for door hinge projects. A Self-Centering Drill Bit ensures the exact placement of screws for proper installation of door hinges. This drill bit also prevents the nails to go entirely through the door.

Another working field of a self-centring bit is drawer slides. Pulling a drawer completely, you will find two small L-shaped metal things inside it. Those metal things on each side are drawer slides that need to be installed using a self centring drill bit. This drill bit makes the installation process easy while preventing the nail from going through the sides of the cupboard.

How to use a Self Centering Drill Bit

As we mentioned earlier, the self centering drill bit is very simple to use and a must-have for installing drawer slides and door hinges. But the DIYer should keep these things in mind to use this self-centering bit properly without damaging the bit and the working surface:

Speed and pressure: You have to ensure equal pressure and drilling speed consistently for every hole desired to be drilled on the work piece. 

In and out: To drill a deeper hole in hardwood, you must pull the bit back in every 1/4′′ and remove the chips. Make sure you have repeated the process until you have reached the desired depth.

Depth control: If the working surface is thinner, it’s better to use the depth control function in order to get accurate holes.

Clean bits: To drill through sappy woods like pine, you have to clean the self centering bit frequently to remove sap.

FAQs on What is a Self Centering Drill Bit

What are self centering drill bits called?

A self centering drill bit is also called as a Vix bit that is designed with a tapered nose and centers automatically. This specially designed drill bit comes with the unique purpose of drilling a perfectly centered hole every time to insert screws and install hinges or drawer slides.

What Is The Best Self Centering Drill Bit?

Choosing the best self centering drill bit requires three key considerations. The drill bit should have a top-class and long lasting spring. Plus, the self-centering bit should have an adjustable depth control function. Lastly, the best self-centering drill bit you will pick should be designed with large chip clearing ports so it can remove the dust during drilling.

What does a self centering bit do?

A self-centring bit ensures accuracy among all the holes drilled on the workpiece to install hinges or screw-mounted appliances. The drill bit also has depth adjustment to get the required depth and prevent damaging the soft work surface like wood.

Final words

A self centring drill bit is a lifesaver for enjoying tension-free, confident working even on a sensitive project. Once learning what is a self centring drill bit your main duty is to improve the skill of the hand if you want to enjoy the benefits of it.

Since the accuracy of the self centring drill bit project depends on applying equal pressure, you have to make the hand reliable first. Apart from these, keep these tricks in mind to get the desired accurate result while installing hinges, mounting screws, drilling holes, or for other purposes.

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