6 Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

A cordless rotary hammer drill is a power tool for the freedom of mobility and conquering the solid masonry drilling project. But getting the best cordless rotary hammer drill can bring more than this typical advantage to any job site and home garage. Along with the hammering motion, some rotary hammer drills can drill through with high power on a dense surface and handle the chiseling task, keeping you away from the clumsiness of power cords.

Despite having a lightweight, compact, and speed-controlled hammer drill means excellent precision and comfortable drilling. But finding such a combination of a cordless rotary hammer drill with a budget is a real challenge.

Handyman’s pick: Top 6 Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

You can handle such a serious task quite simply by checking the recommendation list we have listed below. These cordless rotary hammer drills are chosen from dozens of items and come from reliable brands maintaining quality construction for impressive performance. The article also has helpful buying tips and broad information on the cordless hammer drill.

Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

DEWALT 20V: Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

  • This rotary hammer drill is designed with a shock-active vibration control system to reduce user fatigue during extensive drilling.
  • The cordless rotary drill has a brushless motor and a tough quality mechanism for efficient drilling and longer runtime.
  • This multifunctional rotary hammer can be set between drill, hammer drill, or chip.
  • The hammer drill is compatible with the HEPA filter to ensure dust-free rotary drilling.
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Looking for the best rotary hammer drill for demanding drilling tasks without the clumsiness of power cords? Try this drill doctor ordered DEWALT 20V SDS Rotary Hammer Drill. Though it’s a slightly big investment, with a combination of 20v brushless motor, safety attachments, and high impact energy, this will turn into a real investment.

It’s an extremely lightweight cordless rotary hammer drill that produces 2.1 joules of impact energy through its SDS plus chuck, making the performance comparable to its corded counterparts.


  • It’s a powerful yet lightweight cordless rotary hammer drill that has a 20v max brushless motor and vibration control system. The unit includes ergonomic handles, three different modes, and a three-year warranty.


  • The hammer drill doesn’t come with a battery and charger. Plus it doesn’t produce much power on the chipping hammer setting.

Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

Makita 18V: Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

  • This lightweight rotary drill has three functional modes to handle a variety of drilling and driving tasks through tough materials.
  • The cordless rotary drill is designed with a torque-limiting clutch to prevent gear damage and boost durability.
  • It has a variable speed trigger with a depth adjustment guide for the most precise and accurate drilling at the desired depth.
  • The rotary hammer is constructed with a BL Brushless Motor that can produce 4,700 BPM to drill through solid surfaces efficiently.
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Want to have the best cordless hammer drill for higher performance and improved precision? You can try this Makita Cordless Rotary Hammer drill. It’s a compact designed rotary hammer drill that has a two-finger variable speed trigger that can deliver speed between 0-950 RPM with precise control.  

Another impressive thing is the manufacturer offers a depth adjustment guide for optimum depth adjustment. Compared to the DEWALT rotary hammer, this model can deliver 2.0 joules due to its 18V brushless motor. But the cordless rotary drill is compatible with a Lithium-Ion battery that promises a 50% longer run time than a typical cordless rotary hammer.


  • This cordless hammer drill is available at a decent price while offering considerable power with an 18v brushless motor. The rotary hammer is perfect for precise and accurate driving for a longer season. It’s a compact hammer drill that is easier to control.


  • The rotary hammer drill may produce a louder noise and the battery drains quickly.

Bosch 18V: SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill

  • This lightweight cordless hammer drill is designed with an 18V motor that produces 1.3 ft.-lbs of impact energy to handle tough masonry applications.
  • Design with a robust power system, the rotary hammer drill can deliver up to 1800 RPM to make the tough drilling task quicker.
  • It has three functions and a Cell Protection motor to handle the multi-functional task and protect the tool from overload.
  • The budget-friendly rotary hammer includes a soft-grip handle and depth gauge for precise and comfortable operation over tough materials.
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Though this Bosch Rotary Hammer drill isn’t comparable with brushless DeWalt and precise Milwaukee, the drill will offer unbeatable speed or torque.  So, if you are looking for efficient and quicker drilling through extremely solid materials, try this rotary hammer drill for satisfying performance.

Even comparing those two rotary drills, you will have this Bosch Rotary Hammer drill at a reliably lower cost while including an 18v motor, a robust power system, and a multi-functional button. So, operating this lightweight cordless rotary drill, you will have a max speed of 1800RPM for great productivity in masonry applications.


  • It’s an extremely powerful cordless rotary hammer drill that helps complete the masonry drilling task quickly. Plus, the drill is lightweight, ergonomic, and includes three different functions for handling wide applications. It also comes with an extra handle and depth gauge.


  • Its trigger is a bit hard to operate for the first couple of days. Plus, you need to buy the battery separately.

SDS Rotary Hammer Drill

Ryobi 18V: Best SDS Rotary Hammer Drill

  • This budget-friendly rotary drill can produce 1,300 RPM to drill through solid surfaces quickly.
  • It is equipped with an LED light to increase visibility and drill a perfect hole in a dark space.
  • The cordless sds rotary hammer drill has three modes for a variety of applications such as drilling, hammering, and removing.
  • It’s a lightweight hammer drill that is versatile to use for longer times.
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This Ryobi SDS Rotary Hammer is the best budget cordless rotary hammer drill for home use. Though the rotary drill comes in a lower-cost category, its light structure and performance will surprise you for sure. Comes with a powerful design, this is the best cordless sds hammer drill that can produce 1300 RPM and 5,000 BPM, which is pretty comparable to double-priced rotary hammer drills.

So when it comes to drilling through a solid surface, this low-cost rotary drill won’t let you down. However, there is confusion about getting impressive performance operating in chisel mode. But still, the cordless rotary drill will make the tile-removing task much easier. An exciting feature includes an LED light right under the chuck to drill a perfect hole in a dark place.


  • This budget-friendly cordless hammer drill is extremely easy to control and produces great power to drill through. The rotary drill is long-lasting, has an LED light to illuminate dark areas, and is multi-functional enough to handle a variety of tasks.


  • This rotary hammer drill doesn’t have a side handle and depth rod. So, controlling the precision and accuracy can be tough for beginner enthusiasts.

Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

Milwaukee: Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

  • It’s the smallest yet powerful rotary drill that is suitable for any light to medium duty drilling task through masonry.
  • Made of metal, this rotary drill includes a 5-year warranty for extraordinary durability.
  • This cordless rotary drill is designed with a powerful motor and SDS bit to drill thicker, thicker concrete walls efficiently.
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Milwaukee is another reliable American brand that has a reputation for producing deal-breaking DIY accessories. So, whether you are a constructor or a seasonal handyman, buying this Milwaukee cordless rotary hammer drill will make the job a cinch, thanks to its drill SDS bits. It’s a lightweight rotary drill with only 3.83 pounds that doesn’t produce an enormous amount of noise and makes the job easier, whether it is a 6-inch thick concrete wall or anchor holes for mounting something.

Though the manufacturer designed this light to medium duty cordless rotary drill with a 12V motor combined with an XC 6.0amp battery, this rotary drill will offer you impressive performance. If you are worried about durability, this Milwaukee rotary drill comes with a maximum of a 5-year warranty for durability assurance.


  • It’s a highly durable cordless rotary hammer drill that is easy to handle and use. The rotary drill is suitable for light to medium duty drilling tasks and includes a 5-year warranty.


  • This rotary hammer drill comes with a single-mode. So it won’t be suitable for herring or chiseling tasks.

Best SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill

SKIL 20V: Best SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill

  • This multifunctional rotary drill can be used as a drill, hammer drill, and screwdriver for increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • It has a variable speed trigger for accurate starting and complete control over the torque for precise jobs.
  • This cordless rotary drill has a forward/reverse LED indicator to let the operator determine the desired direction to set
  • The budget-friendly rotary hammer drill is designed with a powerful motor and a Lithium battery for hammering through the toughest materials with extra runtime.
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This SKIL 20V SDS-plus Rotary Hammer drill comes with a feature that makes the drill ready to use for any demanding drilling task. Firstly, it’s a budget-friendly rotary hammer that includes a powerful Lithium Battery and Charger for extra runtime without separate investment. More importantly, its battery is made with a maintenance-free innovative temperature management system to remain cool throughout the longer and larger project.

An exciting feature includes the SDS-Plus Chuck for tool-free, quicker bit change to ensure consistent drilling and improve productivity. Even if you are a beginner handyman and don’t have a dependable hand, this cordless hammer drill will lead you through precise drilling. With a combination of variable speed triggers and forward/reverse LED indicators, this cordless rotary drill will ensure pro-level drilling through masonry.


  • It’s a user-friendly cordless rotary drill that comes with a battery, charger, and bit holder for increased efficiency. The hammer drill has three modes, variable speed trigger, and led indicator, for the most precise control over a wide range of applications. The unit also offers 5 years of warranty.


  • This rotary hammer drill doesn’t have a hammer-only mode. And its chuck doesn’t accept a 3/8″ hammer drill bit.

Factors to pick the Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill


The amperage of a cordless hammer drill’s motor usually determines its rotational speed and power rating. A higher rating means the drill can produce more torque for smooth and efficient operation, even on heavy-duty projects. so choose a cordless rotary drill with six or more amps to handle any drilling task conveniently.


Most cordless rotary hammer drills include two or three working modes. The dual-mode rotary drill is ideal for woodworking and metal projects and allows you to choose between rotary drilling and hammer drilling. Conversely, a three-mode hammer drill is suitable for a wide range of tasks, including chiseling.


Once again, the motor of the rotary hammer drill determines its speed. Rotary drills work through a piston mechanism rather than a special clutch while helping produce powerful blows which are measured in BPM. The higher the BPM, the machine can drill through masonry quickly.

The BPM of a hammer drill ranges from 2150 to 5800 while the RMP varies between 230 and 2300. But if you require a cordless rotary hammer drill mostly for home use, you can choose a combination of 4000-4500 BPM and 1200-1500 RPMs.


Along with the cordless design, a versatile rotary hammer drill is handy for covering a large workplace efficiently. A hammer drill with a variable speed trigger and speed control lock can enhance your drilling quality safely and effectively. Despite choosing a compact design item will let you give them access to working through tight spaces as well.


The best cordless rotary drill should be ergonomic and easy to use for a longer time. Choosing a hammer drill with an anti-vibration system and a good grip handle will reduce fatigue and absorb the shock caused by torque reaction. Thus, you will have to enhance precision and better control.


Since the cordless hammer drill mainly depends on the battery for required power and runtime, choose a stronger battery for improved performance in both sectors. An 18v or 20v battery will be good enough to handle medium to heavy-duty drilling projects, but you can opt for a 36v battery for industrial use. Apart from that, having a two-pack of batteries will boost the cordless rotary hammer drill’s productivity.


Whether you are an amateur or professional DIYer, having some accessories for a rotary hammer drill will enhance the versatility of the project. Depending on the price, you can have different types of bits, an auxiliary handle, a carrying case, and lubricant with the cordless rotary hammer drill. Even some manufacturers also offer protective equipment with their hammer drills.

Hammer Drill vs Impact Drill

Hammer drill is typically used to drill through masonry while impact drill is superb for a driving fastener with higher torque. So both the handyman tools come with unique purposes. Before jumping into the brief discussion let’s have a look at the quick compassion:

TypeHammer drillImpact drill
usesDrill through masonry and other dense surfacesDrive or lose screws that demand higher toque
Working principleHammering blows through holes that need to be drilledHammering action through rotation
Driving forceElectric or Electro-pneumaticElectric motor
Tool Holder3-jaw chuck. SDS chuck¼ -inch Hexagonal socket
DesignRotary hammers are massiveStubby with a short head length
TorqueAdjustable torque controlCan’t control the torque

Rotary hammer drill vs impact drill: difference in various aspects


Impact drills are mainly used to drive screws using extreme power and speed. It comes with a collet instead of a keyless chuck to work on hex shanked driver bits. An impact drill can drive the longest screws with higher efficiency, even quickly. Therefore, contractors find this drill a reliable option for removing thicker screws and driving them into the hardwood.

Conversely, performing heavy tasks like drilling and chiseling through dense material is the most common application for the rotary hammer drill. It can also hammer brittle material and offer quicker drilling into a smooth surface. Producing a higher impact on energy, a rotary hammer drill can drill through hardened concrete materials efficiently. The rotary hammer drill is also used to break concrete and metals.


Though both of the drills look pretty similar in appearance, you will find plenty of differences upon closer inspection. The rotary hammer drill has a longer and bigger barrel, while the impact drill is prone to being stubbier. Apart from this, rotary hammer drills come with SDS chucks. Instead, the impact drill has a hexagonal socket where you place the hex-shaped driver bits.

How do they work?

Rotary hammer drills produce recurring blows toward the hole needed to drill. It means the pressure is also moving through the vertical axis of the drill. This hammering action transfers into the chuck from the barrel. Conversely, impact drills produce hammering action towards the rotation. It has a spring inside the impact mechanism that pushes the energy through the vertical axis, which is lower compared to a rotary hammer drill.

Which drill is better?

Both types of power drills come with unique purposes and benefits in their working zone. So if your main intention is masonry work and professional-level construction, go for the rotary hammer. Conversely, if you need to drive the screw efficiently whatever the length is, use an impact drill for better results.

How Does a Rotary Hammer Drill Work?

While the traditional hammer drill uses a clutch to offer drumming movement, the rotary hammer drill uses piston systems. After squeezing the drill’s trigger, a variable mechanism lets the electricity run through to the drill’s motor and rotate the inside crank. Therefore, the piston moves consistently back and forth.

After that, the drive piston’s motion drives forward a column of air that turns into pressure on the flying piston. It finally creates the hammering action via the attached drill bit. Since the drill performs through compressed air, the rotary hammer drill is also considered an electro-pneumatic drill. The compressed air also offers an internal cushion apart from driving the flying piston. Doing so lowers the internal pressure on the parts and prevents them from disintegrating and buckling while the bit is hammering into the solid concrete.

How to install and remove Bit on a Rotary Hammer drill

The most common yet crucial task of using a power drill is to insert and remove the drill bit whenever required. Though the process is simple, executing it incorrectly can cause serious damage to the drill and the user as well. So, let’s learn the proper process:

 Understating the chuck

A rotary hammer drill usually comes with spring-loaded chucks which only accept specific-sized bits. SDS bits are suitable for rotary hammer drills, which come in two types, including SDS Plus and SDS Max. While the SDS Plus can drill through 5/32 in. to ¾ in. diameter holes, using SDS Max bits, you will have 3/8 in. to 2 in. larger holes.

Install the drill bit

Firstly, hold the chuck and push it through the back. Then, keeping the chuck in place, insert the bit into it. Start twisting until it doesn’t slide completely, then listen to the bit hit the chuck seat. After that, release the chuck to the normal position and check whether the bit is secured properly or not. Pull the bit one or two times to make sure it is attached to the rotary hammer drill perfectly. Don’t worry if you find the bit playing a bit, as the bit is designed to move while the piston will hammer into it.

Remove the drill bit from the rotary hammer

After completing the drilling task, wait for a moment to let the bit cool down. Then push the chuck back and rotate the bit in the reverse direction and pull it out. After that, remove the debris, moisture, and grit and store the bit.

Sometimes the drill bit may get stuck in a hole due to strongly pushing the bit through-hole and slowing down the pressure too much. If it happened, use the reverse setting of the rotary hammer drill and try to pull out the bit from the hole. Still, if the bit doesn’t come out, use a wrench to make the task complete.

Benefits of Cordless Rotary Hammer drill

Powerful: The rotary hammer drill is typically more powerful than other types of hammer drills. It can produce higher impact energy and larger diameter holes into dense materials. The amount of power the hammer drill produces greatly depends on its motor. When it comes to cordless rotary hammer drills, opt for a brushless motor for long-lasting, powerful performance.

Different Settings: Some rotary hammer drills come with multiple operating modes. So you can choose between hammer, hammer/drill, and a drill mode for better convenience on jobs. Selecting the hammer-only mode, the drill will perform without rotating, which is ideal for carpentry or demolition tasks. So a rotary hammer drill with multiple settings ensures a faster and accurate task.

Comfortable: Vibrating less, a rotary hammer drill offers better grip. Some have an adjustable front handle to improve stability, making the drill ideal for consistent tasks. With a combination of slower bows and powerful impacts, the rotary hammer drill takes the least physical strength to make the job done.

Masonry Use: Rotary hammer drills are mainly designed to deal with dense masonry. With a pressure-driven system, this drill offers smooth drilling over the toughest surfaces like stones and concrete. Thus, a rotary hammer drill is suitable for serious or demanding drilling and is known as a dedicated hammer drill.

Safety measures for cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

Getting a powerful and complex designed drill in the hands means the operator has to be more sensible. In general, before any of the DIY projects, the user should make himself protected. Some other steps to follow are:

  • Don’t try to drill through the wall without checking for supporting walls.
  • It’s better to border the working area to prevent other people and kids from entering it.
  • Don’t operate this powerful tool while drunk or intoxicated.
  • Wear your protective gear before taking the rotary hammer drill into your hands.
  • Check the electrical wire or hidden pipe before working on the wall.
  • Disconnect the battery from your cordless rotary hammer drill if it’s not in use.
  • Take a firm position and control the hammer drill with two hands for better control.

Understand the risk of drilling dust

Before addressing masonry, understanding the risk of drilling dust is crucial. Whether it is concrete, brick, masonry, all have silica. While drilling, chipping or boring through these materials, it produces airborne silica particles that are greatly harmful to health. Inhaling these silica particles can cause:

  • Cancer.
  • Silicosis.
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • Asthma.

Thus, it’s vital to shield the body from such detrimental particles by :

  • Drilling in a well-ventilated area.
  • Wearing contractor-grade protective gears
  • Avoiding consistent drilling
  • Cleaning the workplace frequently
  • Damping down the dust on the floor and airborne particles using water

FAQs on Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

What is a rotary hammer drill used for?

A rotary hammer drill can produce higher impact energy with the aid of an electro-pneumatic hammer piston to drill through stone and concrete. Some rotary hammer drills are used for chiseling tasks, including removing walls or removing tiles. For this reason, the rotary hammer drill uses a chisel bit instead of a drill bit in the chuck.

What does the size mean on a rotary hammer?

The size of a rotary hammer indicates the diameter of a drill bit it accepts. So, the larger the number, the rotary hammer will accept a larger diameter drill bit to create larger holes. Since the drilling project requires different dia. holes, this option helps get the desired performance suitably.

What is an SDS-Plus hammer drill?

An SDS-Plus hammer drill usually accepts SDS and SDS-Plus drill bits that are interchangeable and have smaller shanks of 10mm. It securely locks the bit in place while allowing the bit to move backward and forward independently to drill through tough surfaces.

Can you drill a hole with a rotary hammer?

The rotary hammer drill is excellent for masonry and concrete drilling. So certainly, you can drill one or multiple holes through materials using a masonry bit. However, you have to set it top-notch to drill through the oldest concrete.

Can a rotary hammer drill be used for drilling through the wood?

A rotary hammer drill is a multi-usage tool that usually has multiple functions. Though its main duty is to drill through dense concrete, you can use this rotary hammer to drill through wood. But make sure you set the hammer function into drilling-only mode.

Final words

In the end, now you have some of the best cordless rotary hammer drills for drilling through tough surfaces, chiseling, and tile-removal tasks. Hopefully, you have found the right cordless hammer drill for your desired purpose from the list for precise and powerful performance.

If you are still confused, try this DEWALT 20V Rotary Hammer Drill for handling light to heavy-duty tasks efficiently. Conversely, you can get this Ryobi P222 18V SDS Rotary Hammer drill for home use at a lower cost.

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